Children want to learn. Especially young children.

Yet somehow, there still exists a lack of resources for and emphasis on academically-focused early childhood education.

READE STREET PREP (RSP) is dedicated to providing a balanced approach to learning. We offer a state-of-the art preschool and children’s enrichment center that provide programs designed to challenge and inspire children.

Through an innovative mix of multi-sensory learning methods, interactive technologies, and skilled, passionate teachers, RSP helps prepare children for academic and social success in school and beyond.

Our dedicated staff is comprised of highly educated, fresh, dynamic NYS Certified teachers. Programs are continually updated and improved to provide exciting and creative curriculum, while maintaining our core principles.

Every child is different. As such, we believe that no single educational philosophy fits all.


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Supplement your child's education with our midday and after-school offerings! RSP programs target reading, writing, mathematics, science, language immersion, physical fitness, and more - contact or click here for details.

Contact us today to book an action-packed birthday party. RSParties utilize the multisensory, high-tech facilities at Reade Street Prep. Come join us for a fast-paced, structured birthday extravaganza.