• “Our daughters, Rumi and Zoya, are both happy Spanish Immersion Discoverers at Reade Street Prep. To say the girls LOVE RSP doesn’t go far enough. They adore their world-class teachers who have embedded a deep love of learning that will surely last a lifetime. The girls now sing songs to each other in Spanish, discuss everything from insects to Miyazaki to skyscrapers and are already reading, adding and subtracting – all with wide eyes and huge smiles. Rumi and Zoya are off to kindergarten next year, but will be back twice a week for the after-school Spanish program at RSP. We highly recommend RSP to any parent that believes play and learning go hand-in-hand, and wants a school that over-delivers on the benefits of Pre-K.”
      Ayesha and Dev
    • "It has been such a blessing to have our son attend Reade Street Prep over the last two years. On top of the strong academic curriculum and fantastic facilities, the true gem at RSP is the teaching staff. Each and every teacher (and we have had them all) has a different teaching style, and yet they all employ the same philosophy of getting to know your individual child and nurturing them to be the best they can be. Our son began his journey at RSP as a shy, yet overactive boy. Over the last two years, he has been taught the tools and skills to become a confident and compassionate child with an eagerness to learn. We are so very grateful to everyone at RSP and would have him stay here indefinitely if we could!"
      Barbara and Wayne
    • Miss Abby and Miss Christina are INCREDIBLE! We are so thankful that they care so deeply about our son, Callum. Their kindness and support have fostered in Cal a true love of learning, especially for math! Who knew counting with giant bugs could be so enthralling?! We look forward to another adventurous year at RSP. I can only imagine how much Callum will continue to grow in the teachers' care. And a special thank you to the administration for being so accommodating to all of Callum's needs!
      Robin and Brian
    • We have watched Reade Street Prep grow from its infancy and are grateful to have our youngest son, Lucas, there. Each of our three sons has taken either an RSP enrichment class to help with regular curricula at another school, or goes to RSP full time. In addition to the incredible community we have found at RSP, we feel it is on the cusp, especially technology-wise, of what is essential for our son. From the SMART Board to electronic video feedback - to simply knowing that we can ask what is specifically going on at any time, we feel comfortable where we are and know it is best for our son. We look forward to watching our son and RSP continue to grow together.
      Lisa and Eric
    • My children have very different personalities and capabilities. My daughter, Ayla, is curious, adventurous and extremely intelligent. But even so, when the administration encouraged me to put her in a Mandarin Immersion class, I was skeptical. I wrote Ilysa no fewer than three very wordy emails, asking questions, voicing my trepidation. "With a Jewish-Turkish background, Ayla has no exposure to Mandarin - will she feel overwhelmed? When will she start understanding her teacher? Will it derail her efforts at home to learn Turkish? Am I crazy to even consider this?" With lasting patience, both the teachers and the administration at Reade Street Prep answered all my questions - Ayla enrolled in the class this past September. I was wrong to be worried. Ayla loves her class. She loves her teachers and the many unique projects that they create throughout the year. Within weeks, she started understanding basic instructions; within months, more complex ones. Now, almost nine months later, she speaks and sings in Mandarin. I saw it happen with my own eyes, and I still have a hard time believing it. Meanwhile, my boy Evren, is your typical 3-year-old. He has a limited attention span and certainly no desire to sit and learn. His teachers are patient with him and he genuinely loves them. Every morning, I get asked if it is a 'cool day - he can't quite pronounce the S in school yet. To take a rambunctious little boy and make him so very interested in learning, that takes great amount of effort. In fact, Reade Street Prep worked with both my kids at their own levels: making them feel accomplished, and yet always striving for more. So, yes, we are very much a RSP family. I am very sad that Ayla will be graduating next year (and off to Kindergarten at Dalton), but happy that Evren still has two years left. To anyone considering Reade Streep Prep, I would say: Have no hesitation. These are great teachers and a great program. You will be amazed at what your kids will accomplish under their guidance.
      Gunce and Mark
    • Our son is in his second year at Reade Street Prep and has enjoyed every minute of the experience. We first enrolled him in the English Explorers class, and knew right away that we had found the right place for him. He loved it. He loved his teachers. He loved the classroom. He loved the gym. He loved snack time. He loved the art projects. He loved the science experiments. He loved it all. We loved the caring teachers and staff, the friendly community of parents and the gorgeous and clean facility. We loved that our son learned, socialized, and came out every day eager for more. We can honestly report that Reade Street Prep has been an amazing and positive early childhood school experience. For us, setting that stage for a lifetime love of learning is priceless.
      Hilary and Jonathan
    • Our family lives in DUMBO, which is in Brooklyn. Accordingly, RSP is not exactly convenient for us. So why do we send our kids to RSP? We’ve found that most preschools are primarily play- and socialization-focused. While we believe those are important developmental areas, we also think that learning is equally, if not more, important. Reade Street Prep OVER-delivers on all three of these critical pillars, beautifully integrating them all and applying cutting-edge education approaches along the way. After 2 years of RSP, our five-year-old can read and do basic math. She loves science. And she misses Reade Street very much, now that she’s in big-girl school. Overall, it was a tremendous experience - which is why we’re happy we’re now sending our two-year-old to the school. She loves RSP, too. Every morning, she runs in the door, greets Natalie with a hug, puts her “packpack” in the wrong cubby, and gleefully explodes into her classroom. What else needs to be said?
      Todd and Lesley
    • We have been a part of the Reade Street Prep family since February 2012, when my son was 2.5 years old. Since he has been in school with Miss Brooke and Miss Becca, we have seen such positive changes - emotionally, socially and academically. We are thrilled with his confidence in reading and math, and his interest in science and art. He has become a leader, a helper, and a learner. He has made good friends with many of his classmates, and we think the entire family community at RSP is a diverse and friendly one. The school has been especially helpful with transitions - from starting school to welcoming a new baby into our family. We wish RSP had been around for my oldest child, now a student at PS 234, and we look forward to sending our youngest there when she is ready for school.
      Helen and David
    • On National Teacher Appreciation Day, we wanted to extend a special, heartfelt thanks to Miss Kaya. Many people have complimented us on Arthur’s Mandarin, particularly given that neither of us speaks a word. We love listening to him speak in Mandarin – the tones and flow are simply beautiful, and he seems to enjoy it! Surely, Miss Kaya and Miss Cathy's teaching styles have so much to do with this, and we are so appreciative. They were delighted to learn that, inspired by his proficiency, we’ve enrolled Arthur in four weeks of Mandarin camp this summer. We never had such an intention when we started on this path last September.And we’re even thinking of trying to take some lessons for ourselves! Xie xie for everything.
      Bob and Anna
    • Our daughter Chloe has been a student at RSP since it opened. Thanks to Miss Brooke, Miss Jennifer, Miss Abby, and Miss Danielle, she transformed herself from a shy two-year-old - who did not speak any English - to a little girl discussing with us Andy Warhol, Picasso, the tower of Pisa, and the merit of stock investing. We are so happy about her experience at RSP and we dream that RSP will expand into a K-12 private school. We will miss RSP next year when she enters kindergarten, but our son Oliver is ready to apply in 2014.
      Martha and Jerome
    • Our two sons have attended RSP over the last 2-3 years. They absolutely love their teachers, classmates, the curriculum, and the school’s top notch facilities (especially the play area). We have been very impressed with the quality of RSP’s teachers. They are extremely passionate about children and have done an amazing job with not only teaching them, but equally as important, with promoting social and emotional development, independence and self- confidence. We are also very pleased with the school’s unique curriculum. The broad based curriculum includes engaging ways to learn reading and math, in addition to topics such as astronomy, economics, biology, art and fashion, among many others. RSP also offers dual language programs in Mandarin and Spanish. Our older son attends the Mandarin class in the afternoon, which he thoroughly enjoys. He has learned and retained more than we could have expected. Overall, we think that the best endorsement for RSP comes from our sons. They look forward to going to school every morning, miss it on the weekends, and are so happy when they talk about their teachers, friends and what they’re learning about at school.
      Susan and Jack
    • We have been going to Reade Street Prep since it first opened. We have been extremely happy. It is not just a competing school; RSP goes far beyond a preschool to be a true educational institution. My daughter, Nisa, has made academic gains in phonics, math, geography, and even history. The teachers have the highest level of education. The owner, Lees, treats you like family from the moment you walk in. While my child graduated this past May, I have no doubt that the staff of RSP will remain a part of our family for years to come. I cannot speak highly enough about Reade Street Prep.
      Anu and Vik
    • Our twins started RSP's Preschool Prep program at just under two years old. As a first time mom, I had high expectations and even higher anxiety about sending my "babies" off to school so young. Reade Street Prep did not disappoint. Through a safe, caring environment, my children have thrived in more ways than I had imagined. They not only know the very basics, like the alphabet and days of the week, but they have been exposed to science and the arts. The language immersion program, a unique offering for a preschool, has been a wonderful learning experience for our twins. The teachers, all of whom are kind, smart and fully involved in the ongoing development of my children at this young age, are another highlight of the school.
      Kendra and James