E.nopi English (3-12)

Ages 3-12
1 hour / Once a week

To be combined with E.nopi Math, or taken on its own!

The goal of E.nopi Reading is to guide students to master reading, writing and comprehension. Our numerous themes and diverse strategies motivate students, nurture study habits, and develop language capabilities, which are the  basis of lifetime learning. There is no other program like this in Manhattan.

Student/Instructor Ratio: 3:1

Students come 1-2 hours per week and are encouraged (not required) to take home materials and do 15 minutes a day from home when they are not in the center.

A summary of the Enopi Reading benefits include:

  • Students will learn Reading, Writing & Comprehension with fun and ease
  • Students will integrate a wide range of vocabulary including both meaning & usage.
  • Students will develop an appreciation for and joy of reading.
  • Students will gain self-confidence in studying English Language arts.

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