Our Mission

  • Reade Street Prep recognizes the importance of a quality early childhood experience. Our mission is to empower all students with the tools to succeed, both in school and in life.

    We are committed to… INSPIRING OUR CHILDREN.

    Through an innovative mix of multi-sensory learning methods and interactive technology, Reade Street Prep amplifies your child’s natural creativity and critical thinking skills. We utilize visual, auditory, and kinesthetic instruction; this varied approach not only supports diverse learners, but also motivates and stimulates them.

    We are committed to… CHALLENGING OUR CHILDREN.

    Reade Street Prep strives to provide a balanced approach to learning. We highly value the development of each child’s social and communicative skills. We also believe that children, especially young children, have an innate desire to learn. Therefore, our program integrates disciplinary content – literacy, math, science, social studies, art, and physical fitness – into an academic curriculum that is appropriately challenging for all respective ages and skill levels.

    We are committed to… PROMOTING GLOBAL AWARENESS.

    Our flagship curriculum, which includes offerings for both Core English and foreign language (Spanish and Mandarin) immersion classes, is a unique opportunity to prepare children for a global future. By increasing awareness of a variety of cultures, we teach our students to appreciate diversity, both within our school and the community at large. This approach equips children with both the confidence and the intelligence that will be instrumental to navigating a global future.

    We are committed to… VALUING OUR TEACHERS.

    Our staff is comprised of highly educated, New York State certified teachers. Each one is passionate, fresh, and dynamic; we appreciate the thoughtfulness with which they update and differentiate our curriculum in order to meet a wide variety of student needs and abilities. Furthermore, we recognize that a teacher’s professional development is an ongoing process; Reade Street Prep provides all staff members with regular trainings on developments in the field of education.