• How do you handle separation?
    We understand that it takes time for both young children and their parents to become accustomed to a new routine. Each school year launches with a Parent Orientation, designed to introduce parents to their child's new facility, curriculum, teachers, and administration. This meeting eases the chaos of the first day of school, as parents are already familiar with their child's school routines. Parent Orientation is followed by a period of Gentle Transition, during which time the children adjust to their new environments. Class lengths are truncated during this transition, and one parent or caregiver is welcome - but not required - to sit in.
    How many teachers are in each class?
    There are two teachers in every classroom at Reade Street Prep. The supervision ratio is dependent on the age group: In our Preschool Prep classes, we maintain a student:teacher ratio of up to 4:1. In our Explorers classes, we maintain a student:teacher ratio of up to 6:1. In our Discoverers classes, we maintain a student:teacher ratio of up to 8:1.
    Who are the Reade Street Prep teachers?
    Our staff is comprised of qualified, trained, and passionate young teachers. Each one is New York State certified, and has earned - or is in pursuit of - a master's degree in the field of education. The resulting team is uniquely qualified to achieve our school goals.
    What is Reade Street Prep's potty training policy?
    Potty training at Reade Street Prep is a supportive process. We encourage parents to communicate with their child's associate teacher, so that we can best reinforce the strategies, jargon, and rewards that are in place at home. Children are only required to be potty trained upon entry to our Discoverers program.
    What are some examples of classroom activities?
    At Reade Street Prep, we believe that children thrive in a structured environment. Each class follows its own predictable sequence of activities: free play, dramatic play, circle time, academic lessons (in the disciplinary areas of literacy, mathematics, and/or science), arts and crafts, gym, movement, library, and snack.
    Do you provide snack and/or lunch?
    We provide a snack for students about halfway through their classes; parents are also welcome to pack a snack of their own choosing. We do not provide lunch for students in full-day programs, and accordingly ask parents to send a labeled lunch box to school on a daily basis. Please note that all outside food must be sensitive to food allergies. Reade Street Prep is a nut-free school, and each class has a more specific list of any additional student allergies.
    How is the school curriculum structured?
    The Reade Street Prep curriculum centers around ten thematic units. Determined largely by teacher and parent input, each of these highly engaging topics is rife with content area knowledge. We weave academic, social-emotional, and behavioral benchmarks into the monthly themes, and in doing so, ensure that all students are making age- and language-appropriate progress in the areas of early literacy, mathematics, science, critical thinking, public speaking, socialization, conflict resolution, and more.
    Is Reade Street Prep an accredited school?
    Yes, we are currently accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and licensed by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.
    Why do you introduce technology to such young learners?
    We believe that interactive technology can significantly enhance learning outcomes. In addition to preparing our children for an increasingly technological world, each classroom's SMART Board serves to 1) promote confidence during the demonstration of newly gained knowledge, 2) extend and support conventional materials - particularly during the discussion of unfamiliar content area knowledge, and 3) facilitate the development of digital literacy. Teachers use the SMART Board for up to 15 minutes per day, so as to be able to balance its usage with that of more traditional instructional techniques.
    How does Reade Street Prep connect the members of its community?
    We strive to empower our children's families as partners in the early education process. Parents are encouraged to teach classroom lessons, chaperone field trips, volunteer as Class Parents, attend school social events, and join Reade Street Round Tables. We also provide class lists, so that the students are able to get in touch with any and all of their RSP friends.
    What are Reade Street Round Tables?
    Each month, a different childhood expert speaks with our parent population about various elements of early childhood: from positive discipline to healthy nutritional habits, these exclusive sessions cover it all!
    How can I find out more about the admissions process at Reade Street Prep?